About Clinimatrix

We are a emerging global bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients expedite time-to-market through our development and launch services. These include a broad range of clinical development capabilities, integrated advanced technologies, regulatory affairs consulting, corporate training, regular training to create efficient high edge staff and commercialization services.

Right where you need us in key emerging markets

Emerging markets around the world hold significant potential for biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes to expand their clinical trial programs, reduce development costs, and extend product distribution.  These markets are particularly important for companies seeking to overcome patient recruiting shortages and high trial costs in North America and Europe – providing sponsors with the opportunity to recruit millions of treatment-naïve patients and conduct trials where medical costs are significantly lower.

There are quality healthcare facilities and well-trained medical personnel in all of these emerging markets, with increasingly widespread GCP and ICH compliance.  In the Asia/Pacific region alone, there are nearly 100,000 hospitals, more than 1 million specialized medical doctors, and nearly 4 million nurses – as well as a potential patient population of more than 3 billion people.  Countries outside North America and Europe also represent the fastest growing markets for biopharmaceutical products and medical devices.

The key to success in these regions is for sponsors to connect with the right resources for their specific development and marketing programs.  Clinimatrix has the local knowledge and experience to meet your complete product development needs in every key emerging market, including Latin America, India, Japan, and China.  We can help you access patients and investigators for clinical trials, conduct cost-efficient, high-quality trials and meet the different regulatory requirements to test and sell your products in your targeted markets.